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Food Supplements 

In our company, we actively engage in the development and technological optimisation of customised formulas for our customers. Our process begins with a careful selection of raw materials, favouring those that are certified and meet strict quality and sustainability standards. This not only ensures high quality end products, but also supports environmental and social responsibility.

We work closely with our customers to fully understand their specific needs and market goals. Based on this information, our experts suggest the best raw materials and the most advanced technologies to create innovative and competitive formulas.

In addition, we offer comprehensive support in terms of regulatory compliance. This includes assistance in navigating through complex industry regulations, ensuring that each product not only complies with all applicable laws and regulations, but is also positioned for sustainable commercial success. We provide detailed documentation and assist clients at all stages of regulatory verification and approval.

Our goal is to be a reliable and innovative partner, capable of transforming our customers' visions into tangible and successful market realities, through the use of state-of-the-art technological solutions and sustainable practices.

Private label & Ready to market products

Our formulas and products are designed for immediate market launch, having already passed rigorous stability tests. These tests ensure that the products maintain their properties and functionality under different environmental conditions and throughout their shelf life. Our many years of experience in the industry have enabled us to develop products that not only meet, but often exceed, market expectations in terms of safety and efficacy.


Each product is the result of intensive research and development work and numerous testing cycles, which ensure that each item meets the required performance criteria. This process enables us to provide our customers with finished products that are not only ready for launch, but have proven to be reliable and of high quality over time.


Thanks to our commitment to maintaining high standards of safety and efficacy, our products have built a solid reputation for excellence. Customers can therefore have full confidence in launching these products onto the market, knowing that they have already met expectations in numerous tests and have been endorsed by a broad spectrum of consumers over the years.


In summary, we offer complete solutions that are ready to be integrated into our customers' sales lines, providing them with immediate value and the certainty of a tried and tested product.


We offer our customers a wide range of products covering every aspect of health and prevention, ready to be distributed to the market. Our offer includes solutions ranging from personal care and nutrition to supplements and medical devices, thus ensuring complete coverage of the end consumer's wellness needs.

In addition to our standard product line, we also specialise in Private Label items. This allows our business partners to launch products under their own brand, completely customising the look and feel and message of the product to align with their brand identity and market objectives. Our team of experts takes care of every step of the process: from initial formulation, through production, to final packaging, ensuring that the finished product accurately reflects the customer's vision and specifications.

We think of everything, allowing our customers to focus on their sales and growth strategies without worrying about the technical and operational aspects of production. We offer a complete service that includes regulatory support, quality assurance, and logistics, ensuring that each product not only meets, but exceeds, current regulations and arrives on the market in optimal condition.

Through this turnkey approach, our customers can rapidly expand their product offering with the security of relying on an experienced and reliable partner who deeply understands the dynamics of the health and prevention sector.

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