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Our Commitment to the Future

At Gricar Chemical, we firmly believe that business success must go hand in hand with environmental responsibility. Our mission is to adopt sustainable practices that not only protect the planet, but also lead to long-term growth for our company and the communities we interact with. This is how we strive to make a difference:

Green technologies
We have invested in cutting-edge technologies to reduce the environmental impact of our production. From energy recovery to waste minimisation, every process has been optimised to be as clean and efficient as possible.


Reducing Emissions
We are proud to have significantly reduced our CO2 emissions in recent years, thanks to the adoption of renewable energy sources and the reduction of energy consumption in all our operations.

Sustainable materials
The choice of materials plays a crucial role in our sustainability vision. We constantly work with suppliers to ensure that the materials used in our products and supply chain are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Eco-friendly packaging
We recognise the importance of reducing the environmental impact of packaging. Therefore, we are committed to using recycled and easily recyclable materials, minimising the use of plastic and optimising packaging sizes to reduce waste.

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