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Macchinario produttivo Gricar


Gricar Flasks

We develop products, 
on behalf of our customers.

Gricar Chemical is committed to the study and development of innovative and comprehensive regulatory compliant formulations in the chemicals sector. We offer regulatory and normative consultancy both nationally and internationally, including notification at the Italian Ministry of Health and on the European portals ECAS and CPNP.

Our range of services includes the preparation of technical dossiers for notification or registration with the authorities of the countries where the products will be marketed. We also take care of the study of primary packaging solutions, packaging graphics and text, and the printing of marketing presentation material for the new product.

We supply finished and ready-for-sale products, guaranteeing effective logistical solutions and comprehensive support for the Italian market. At Gricar, we are committed to closely following our customers every step of the way, offering a complete service tailored to their specific needs.

Operating modes

Gricar operating modes
Flaconi in produzione Gricar
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