Gricar was founded and soon started distributing the first herbal products by importing ginseng, guaranà and tuocha and distributing them on a sole selling right to Europe and, for the very first time, to Italy, which marked the actual opening of the market of natural products



The company soon started distributing the first medicinal herbs for professional use, with the actual introduction of vacuum-packing.



Formulation of the first herb teas (herb infusions) in glass pots with several therapeutic indications which, through the chemist’s, are first dispensed to the public supported by professional advice and in an easy-to-use format.


Start of the KOREAN GINSENG importing business


Start of the SOUTH-AFRICAN ROOTS importing business.


Start of the TUOCHA importing business.


First importing in Italy of an energy-giving and body-rebalancing micro seaweed, under the trade name CHLORELLA.


Introduction in the market of the first guaranà tablets, as an energy-giver and revitalizing agent, under the trade name GUARALEX.


Launch of one of the first weight loss products tablets with fucus and Indian pennywort under the trade name MAGRIBELLA, which was favourably welcomed by the public.


Birth of the CRUSCONE bran tablets line for intestine health and the LECIGRICAR soy lecithin-based line.

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