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Explore, understand, propose: Gricar transforms customer requests into reality based on listening to their ideas. We are, moreover, able to achieve this reality by understanding the customer's objectives (therapeutic or commercial) and the feedback derived from preliminary meetings and through our technical and marketing staff brainstorming sessions. Knowledge, confidentiality and expertise in the fields of development, industrialization and production is what Gricar offers.

Realize, innovate, accelerate:Gricar can identify a unique and innovative course of action for the production of the tested product in its development, efficacy and use. This course is fulfilled in as little time as possible and respects all of the national and international laws and regulations.

Assist, evolutionary growth:Gricar offers assistance and continuity even in post production in terms of improvements, product line extensions, marketing and legal compliance review. All of this is achieved thanks to our team of scientists, technicians, marketing manager and graphic designer who are able to give complete 360° service to our clients. It is for this reason that we have been able to maintain our many client relationships over the years, and our clients have grown together with us.


A weekly meeting: The Gricar staff meets once a week to discuss current clients and its state of affairs. Everyone, from technicians to logistics coordinators, is involved to confront critical situations and then possible solutions that can be implemented in the next week. This give us the ability to optimize our human resources and create a synergistic collaboration between the involved departments. And most importantly, we are then able to offer prompt service to our clients.

More briefings for every client: These moments with the clients are where solutions are born for the realization of products. Subsequent to the client briefing, is a meeting between technical, creative and organizational staff to determine the course of action to take to realize the product.

1000 formulations every year: On average, our staff formulates and produces around 1000 products each year. Every phase of development and manufacturing is carried out within the scope of the research and development of new formulas, new uses, new product presentation and innovative pharmaceutical forms.

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