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Commercial Division
Established in 1970 and with more than 40 Years experience Gricar Chemical with the commercial division has become a strong and reliable leader in the manufacture and distribution of phytotherapic and dietetic food supplement with its own brand name . Gricar Chemical srl operates in conformity to the HACCP system (DL n. 193 of the year 2007, 6th on November “implementing Directive 2004/41/EC concerning food safety and implementing European Community regulations in this sector”), and this guarantees hygiene and safety to our production processes. The company has also achieved the authorization by Italian Minister of Health to produce food supplement products (DL no. 111/ and Normative 283/62). Moreover the company achieved UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 Certification in 2002 as a further guarantee of reliability on each department: Research&Development, Production Dep., Puchasing Dep., Quality Control, Sales Dep. and Storehouse.

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Private Label

Contract manufacturing - Full service partnership
The company has competence to manage the production of natural products with different active agents, mixed with vegetal extracts, vitamins or minerals.
In few years the company has reached high level of specialisations thanks to its own Research & Development Department that can offer a wide range of innovative and sure formulations for body and health care . Some example are products for water retention; weight control; cellulitis control; natural prevention and protection thanks to integrators with propoli, aloe, iron; osteo-articular apparatus; intestine functionality; circulation, throat-voice-halitosis; defences for eyes, skin, hair, nails; cholesterol; stress and humour control; depurartive; lactic ferments (lactobacillus); and energy products as products for sportmen and aminoacid integrators; natural defences, and many others… Our products are formulated and realised both for adults and children. To its customers Gricar Chemical srl can offer full service partnership in order to satisfy their own requirements:

  • Study and development of new complete formulations, in conformity to Law Restrictions in force in those countries where the items are commercialized
  • Norm Consultancy
  • Technical dossier (in english language) for Notify/Registration to the Authorities of the countiers where the products are commercialized
  • Studying of the first packagings solution
  • Development of the second packaging graphics and texts
  • Printing of packaging and of marketing promotional documentation regarding the new product
  • Delivering of the finished product, fully customized and ready for sale.

Gricar Chemical srl follows its customers carefully in every step offering a full service or otherwise the company gives assistance only where the customers require our competence and support.





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