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Full-service partnership to help our customers growing:

  • Work and development of new and complete formulas in accordance with the laws in force.
  • Consultancy regarding laws pertaining to notify at the Italian Minister of Health
  • Preparation of technical reports in order to notify or register the products in countries where the products will be commercially sold.
  • Understanding of the customer's needs to provide primary packaging solutions.
  • Package graphics and texts development.
  • New product package and commercial presentation materials printing.
  • Supply of the finished product, ready for sale.

Gricar carefully serves its customers in every step of the process in order to offer a complete service. Moreover, we also offer assistance at different levels according to the needs of the customer.


Since 1970, Gricar has been formulating and producing nutritional, dietetic, herbal and nutraceutical supplements in solid, liquid and granular pharmaceutical forms. During this time, we have always given great attention to innovation in terms of raw and semi-finished materials, intermediate and primary packaging. Moreover, these years of experience helped us to evolve into a multidisciplinary company, able to manage the customers requests through 3 phases that are often carried out simultaneously:

Regulatory: This phase concerns all verifications pertaining to regulations related to an individual product, the usable communication claims and all the necessary documentation for notifications or registration in Italy or abroad.

Formulation and Production: In this phase the product is formulated. Once a formula has been set, the process moves to the selection of the raw materials suppliers. Next, we tests our products to ensure stability, palatabililty and to prove if the manufacturing practices have properly been followed.

Package Presentation:At the same time, another sector of Gricar dedicates to produce graphic layouts for product packaging.

Gricar manages this entire process from drafting support material to the creation of the illustrative leaflets, the delivery of package artwork, the printing to create the final product.

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